2012 Honda CR-Z Type R

Honda first introduced the CR-Z as a hybrid, but over time it turns out Honda instead cram a conventional engine with turbo technology in this two-door car. Japanese manufacturer that offers the CR-Z Type R is equipped with 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that is the result of the development of Honda’s Tochigi R & D. With the use of turbo technology is the CR-Z Type R is claimed to be able to generate power to 200 hp or equivalent with a Civic Type R. Something that should be generated from the 2,000 cc engine but now can be produced from the engine capacity for 1600 cc.

Design matters, it seems oriented Honda CR-Z Hybrid R which was introduced at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) recently. At that time the Honda CR-Z showcase with a hybrid motor that has been equipped with a turbo so its power output is claimed to achieve 200 hp with 238 Nm of torque. Many rumors circulated desire to bring the Honda CR-Z Type R after the many demands of sports car enthusiasts are sad that Honda cars Honda Type R is no longer manufactured. But until now there has been no information regarding when the CR-Z Type R will be produced.

 2012 Honda CR-Z Type R
 2012 Honda CR-Z Type R Interior
2012 Honda CR-Z Type R

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