2012 Audi A2

2012 Audi A2: I intend to let people grab a glimpse of the possible electric cars of the future,  Audi unveiled its new work at the Frankfurt Motor Show, A2 concept. It is an electrically powered vehicle basically designed for metropolitan areas with enough space and composed driveability.  

Audi in its A2 concept purely emphasized on technology study which enabled the designers to implement their creative ideas which included a in-built web connection, steering and braking systems and also a rear fog light laser which throws a warning triangle on mist behind the car when the visibility is challenged.  A driving range of A2 extends to 200kms due to its 31kWh Li-Ion battery in 1150Kg body.

 2012 Audi A2
 2012 Audi A2 Interior
 2012 Audi A2

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