2012 Toyota GT 86

2012 Toyota GT 86: Toyota GT-86 GT and the Scion Subaru FR-S are some of the most anticipated new sports cars to come along to in years. Not because of their immense power and even their exquisite styling, but because of its simplicity, focus, and because they ‘ReToyotas. Toyota used to some of the most sought-after cars in Enthusiastreich, to build from Supra AE86, the GT 86 ‘s affair ancestor. But it’s been a long drought since.
The rain erased the GT 86, and he looks to be enough to bring to the new crop of Toyota’s-boxes. Mixed with a little kindness TRD could Toyobaru the family the following new hot thing straight – not just in principle but in practice. This video of the car that is sent via Autoblog, gives you a taste of what have sorcerer TRD planned for the car, including the tone of his (somewhat) tougher exhaust.

 2012 Toyota GT 86
 2012 Toyota GT 86 Interior
 2012 Toyota GT 86 Engine
 2012 Toyota GT 86

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