2013 Fiat 500L Hatchback

2013 Fiat 500L Hatchback: was designed to take on the BMW Mini range, as a more spacious car in the Fiat 500 range. So, Fiat sought to use the Grande Punto platform to base this upsize hatchback and due to this very fact, the Fiat 500L can manage to accommodate five adults in relative comfort. Fiat has big ambitions for the 500L, given the fact that the car will be available in no less than 100 countries, pretty much the same number of countries where BMW sells its Mini hatchback range. The overall aim is to win back marketshare that Fiat has lost out to Mini over the past few years.

The engine range is also shared with the Punto. The 875cc, twin cylinder turbo petrol engine TwinAir engine and a 1.4 Liter naturally aspirated FIRE petrol engine will represent the petrol range while the 1.3 Liter Multijet2 turbo diesel engine will be the diesel engine on offer. The 875cc, TwinAir engine pumps out 105Bhp-145Nm while the 1.4 Liter FIRE petrol engine delivers 95 Bhp-127 Nm. The 1.3 liter Multijet2 turbo diesel engine on the other hand generates 85 Bhp-200 Nm. For now, the petrol engines will be available with a 6 speed manual gearbox while the diesel engine will have to make do with a 5 speed unit.

 2013 Fiat 500L Hatchback
 2013 Fiat 500L Hatchback Interior Dashboard
 2013 Fiat 500L Hatchback Seats
2013 Fiat 500L Hatchback

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