2013 Toyota Sienna

2013 Toyota Sienna: 2013 Sienna minivan will no longer be offered with a four-cylinder engine. The formerly optional V-6 is now standard in all trims. It’s interesting because across the industry, automakers are divesting themselves of gas-hungry V-6 and V-8s like Waffen SS soldiers ditched their uniforms back in May of ’45 on account of political incorrectness and (in the case of bigger engines) the looming need to pass snuff with the new 35.5 MPG fuel economy mandate that goes into effect beginning with model year 2016 vehicles.

In theory, the Sienna’s formerly available 2.7 liter four ought to be an asset, efficiency-wise. In actual real-world fact, its MPGs (19 city, 24 highway) were virtually the same as the now-standard V-6′s (17 city, 23 highway). The problem wasn’t with the four cylinder engine – an engine that does deliver good economy in other Toyota models. It’s just too small to deal with a bus like the Sienna – which even in FWD form weighs in at a qaudruple Oprah-esque 4,275 lbs.

 2013 Toyota Sienna
 2013 Toyota Sienna Dashboard
 2013 Toyota Sienna Interior
Toyota Sienna 2013

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