Third Tesla Model S Fire

Third Tesla Model S Fire: As a point of reference, the first fire happened approximately five weeks ago after a Model S “collided with a large metallic object in the middle of the road“ which then “impaled the battery pack with 25 tons of force.” The Tesla then caught fire after the owner safely exited his car. The second fire occurred after an inebriated driver “lost control and crashed into the lining of the gazeb” causing the vehicle to bounce, jump a curb and ”demolished a part of the electrified fence” before ”crashing into a tree. “  In that case, the Model S immediately caught fire.

In both of these initial incidents, the end result being a fire was not an unexpected result given the situations. While this situation doesn’t seem as dire as jumping onto an electrical fence, the driver Juris Shibayama, 38, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee (according to Highway Patrol) did indicate that there was an accident/incident of some sort that could have cost  life. Article source Source

 Third Tesla Model S Fire - Image Source
 Third Tesla Model S Fire - Image Source
 Third Tesla Model S Fire - Image Source
News: Third Tesla Model S Fire - Image Source

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