2013 DAIHATSU Copen

2013 DAIHATSU Copen Concept 

Daihatsu has adopted the slogan “Daihatsu is Best Friend of Life,” and will demonstrate Daihatsu’s corporate group attitude of offering vehicles suitable for Indonesian life using fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable technologies for compact cars. UFC is a concept car that ADM took the lead in developing, using Daihatsu’s expertise in compact cars, which has been honed through manufacturing mini vehicles. ADM has carefully studied customers’ needs in Indonesia and has achieved a compact body, stylish design, and large interior space.

2013 DAIHATSU Copen Description

The seats can be arranged in different ways and the car has slide doors. The ADM is surprisingly convenient and can be used in a range of living conditions in Indonesia. It conforms to the theme of the exhibition: “Best Friend of Life.” D-R and D-X express surprise and amusement stemming from completely different styles on the same chassis. D-R is stylish and elegant, while D-X is tough and aggressive. A resin-based body whose parts are interchangeable allows owners to enjoy two different styles. The car has a two-cylinder engine with direct-injection turbo. With this engine, Daihatsu has pursued conventional technology and struck a balance between the joy of driving and fuel efficiency.

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DAIHATSU Copen Front View
DAIHATSU Copen Back side view
DAIHATSU Copen Dashboard
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