2015 Mitsubishi Pajero

2015 Mitsubishi Pajero: We expect it as next-generation plug-in hybrid and as a genuine SUV off-road capability and sure-footed driving dynamics supported by Mitsubishi’s Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) system. Also, many safety additions and driver support features will be added to the new 2015 Pajero, so this crossroad SUV will offer very comfortable drive. To improve that, we expect many hi-tech features inside the cabin. Security features and support for drivers will be used with mobile connectivity. high-quality materials will be used for sure.

It is still not officially confirmed about 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero engine options. We can be pretty sure that there will be three engines in 2015 Pajero lineup. First, standard engine will be 3.0-litre V6 supercharged engine, with a supercharged eight-speed automatic transmission.  Also, we can expect two hybrid concepts first Cross Runner Concept XR PHEV plug in, 1 liter engine combined with an electric motor, and other small hybrid “Active Runner”, combining 1 liter engine and electric motor. It is also expected that the 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero will have one more engine, but for Indian market only. It should be 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 178 hp and 400 Nm of torque. Source
2015 Mitsubishi Pajero
2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Concept
2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Electric Concept
2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Concept Images Source

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