2012 Volkswagen Up

2012 Volkswagen Up: The original Up! concept followed the Beetle's formula with a rear-mounted boxer engine, the production Up!'s 1.0-liter I-3 is mounted Up!front, driving the front wheels. The little naturally aspirated gasoline three-pot produces 74 hp and 70 lb-ft of torque. Although an automated manual transmission is available, our tester's engine was hooked Up! to a five-speed manual. When we took the VW Up! out for testing, its lack of power didn't tear Up! the track. The Up! accelerates Up! to 60 mph from a standstill in 12.6 seconds.
The quarter mile takes just about forever to complete, with the Up! needing 19.2 seconds to wind Up! to 74.2 mph. The Up!'s acceleration runs were severely hampered by the overly intrusive traction and stability control systems (does a car with 74 hp even need traction control?) as well as the lack of power. The figure eight was a bit more fun than straight-line acceleration. Driving the Up! around the figure eight was less about accelerating into the straights and more about saving Up! momentum so it could be carried through the corners.

 2012 Volkswagen Up
 2012 Volkswagen Up Interior
 2012 Volkswagen Up
2012 Volkswagen Up Cars

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