2013 Toyota INSECT

2013 Toyota INSECT: INSECT stands for ‘Information Network Social Electric City Transporter’. Speaking on that Toyota said, “The name aims to convey an image of a small insect that flies around on large wings, in the same way as the vehicle freely navigates through and uses an information network.” The concept works on a ‘next-generation communications-linked system’. The single-seat vehicle is equipped with the behavior prediction systems, voice recognition technology and motion sensors.

The motion sensors at the use the facial recognition technology and recognizes its owner. When it authenticates him, the headlights flash and the vehicle says ‘Hello’. Revealing further Toyota said , “A ‘virtual agent’ at the Toyota Smart Center recognizes the driver’s voice and predicts his or her intentions, setting the destination and operating various functions of the vehicle, such as the fog lamps and audio system .”

 2013 Toyota INSECT
 2013 Toyota INSECT Interior
 2013 Toyota INSECT
 2013 Toyota INSECT Wallpapers

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