Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown: Hybrid Concept will features Toyota Hybrid System II, an evolution of the current system being used in production hybrid vehicles this uses a two-stage motor speed reduction device which helps achieve smoother acceleration, better fuel efficiency, low emissions and lower noise. A new Finegraphic Meter TFT LCD display will be employed in the interior to provide information to the driver  in an easy to see.

And understand manner this could finally make its way into Toyota vehicles the same way Optitron started being used in Lexus cars first, so I think we should pay attention to this particular technology. Vehicle stability will be enhanced with VDIM and active steering control, which I think has already made its debut on cars like the Toyota Mark X ZiO using an optimal balance between drive power, steering and braking to help regain control of the vehicle in emergency cases. For passive safety, the car has 10 SRS airbags.

Toyota Crown
 Toyota Crown Interior
 Toyota Crown Seats
 Toyota Crown Images

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